I have a polar bear under my desk

i have a polar bear under my desk, originally uploaded by jennpb.

I've been having a fun time in the YS Lab helping Marilee and Mary with the Flickr thing. Unfortunately, I don't think FUN is how they would describe it. We've had problems galore, and at this point I'd like to blame Yahoo. So this is just a demonstration of how this Thing is supposed to work.


rich said...

i think we all need a polar bear under our desks. do you think we can get that into our budget somehow?

acaraninlan said...

Nope, Jenn is special. Not everyone can have a polar bear under their desk. I bought it from a secret place.


Danny said...

Hey, I dig the polar bear thing. Yeah, I was at Hopleaf with Ingrid. I love that place now, great beers.