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Hey, remember over a month ago that I wrote that last post telling you to watch this space? I wasn't lying. It took me long enough to make something happen, but I am finally here. Aren't you lucky? As one of the organizers of the 10 Things @ SPL learning program, it's only fair that I participate.

The Flying Keyboard is not my first blog. I began blogging in 2004 when I wanted an outlet to share stories and experiences that were resulting from some health issues. Talk about making the private public! I kept with it for awhile, but jumped blog-ship when my obsession with medical technology and instruments waned. I still have the interest*, but feel less inclined to write about it.

This blog has been another stop-start venture. My intentions are good--I want to update regularly and I keep a list of topics I could write about if I only had time to spare. Come conference time, I'll use this blog again to take notes on all of the sessions I attend.

I've done some tweaking to my blog's design. I've changed the color scheme, moved elements around on my sidebar, and recently added a widget from my LibraryThing catalog which shows off the last 5 books I've read. All of this has been done with not too much knowledge of HTML coding. It's just taken some trial and error. I find that I learn best by experimenting. If it doesn't look right the first time around, I keep on trying until it looks like something I can live with.

All of the changes I made to the blog template were much, much easier for me than actually writing the blog posts. At first I found it really difficult to articulate my ideas (in fact, I'm having that problem at this very moment!) Once I started writing how I might speak, things became much easier. Whether that makes it easier for my readers, that's an entirely different thing.

* I went to the Old Operating Theatre and Museum while in London in October!

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