What I'm Reading...

I'm nearly done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and as such I'm still in the No Spoilers Camp. I'm impressed with it so far. The action is keeping me on the edge of my seat and I wonder how J.K. Rowling could have gotten any sleep at all while writing this book.

Besides this tome and the other 4 books I'm concurrently reading, I read many library blogs (28 of them at last count) via my feed reader of choice, Bloglines. By subscribing to all of these blogs through Bloglines, I save myself the hassle of going to 28 different websites every day. Instead, I make one stop at Bloglines and I can scan all of the new stuff and decide whether it's worth reading. Some of the blogs that I find perpetually worthwhile are:

  • Library Revolution: Emily posts about library technology, Library 2.0, and primarily, customer service in libraries. She has an eye for all of those hilariously awful things we do in libraries to make things easier for ourselves and inconvenience our users. Sometimes I read Library Revolution and have to hit my head against the nearest solid object. Why do we have to make things so difficult? For an idea of what I'm talking about, check this out.
  • DavidLeeKing: David was one of my favorite presenters at the Computers in Libraries conference Ruth and I attended in April 2007. He blogs about library websites, emerging technology, and change. And even though I primarily read his blog through an RSS reader, I sometimes like to drop by his site to see new photos and videos that he's added to his widgets. The dude can rock a dulcimer.
  • LibrarianInBlack: Sarah's blog has the honor of being one of the first librarian blogs that I started reading way back in 2004. LiB has survived many, many feed reader weedings. (That's hard to say...feed reader weedings...read weeder feedings...weed feader reedings!). A "tech librarian by default", Sarah's always got something good to say about useful web apps and tech training. In fact, she recently wrote an issue of ALA TechSource Reports on Technology Competencies for Library Staff.
So let's just pretend I don't have enough to read already. Recommend me more useful librarian blogs, please!


tolibrarian said...

The ones you mentioned are all good...I like Stephen's Lighthouse too. Have you tried Google Reader? I switched over from Bloglines after seeing that I can embed my "shared" articles from GR onto my blog.

JPB said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I must admit I've never given Stephen Abram's blog a shot. And I've heard loads of good things about Google Reader. I'll check it out.