Digital Downloads for Gamers

Superinformative Beth Gallaway (or shall I say, Information Goddess?) presented her top choices for downloadable and subscription-based games that can be used in the library. Her slideshow is here for the viewing, making my task of blogging this session so much easier! Additional comments and links follow:


  • Prima Strategy Guides > print on demand service, eGuides in PDF $12.99, full color
  • GameTap > subscription service; online arcade of 900+ video games, 8 logins per location, $6.95-9.95 month, Windows only, discounted if you sign up for an entire year at a time
  • Comcast Games on Demand > $14.95/month, includes Kids Play version all rated EC (early childhood) or E (everyone)
  • PlayFirst > Viacom service for $19.95, download a demo for free (one time fee per game)
  • Direct2Drive > game downloads from IGN, titles aimed at traditional gamer audience, ratings E-M ($20-49.99 full price for full version of a game, also offers bargains)
  • Shockwave Unlimited > ad-free access to downloadable games from Atom Entertainment ($4.95-9.95/month)
  • Overdrive > Beth's not holding her breath, but they say they will be offering arcade games, productivity (like Mavis Beacon Typing), family tree geneology maker and educational type games
  • StepMania > DDR for your fingers unless you have a USB pad (opensource, users are creating the dances, adding the songs, PC/Mac versions)
  • Snood > puzzle game, shooter game--highly addictive!
Games to Bookmark for Children:
  • Apple Corps > Mr. Potato Head online, but with different fruit and veg
  • Fun Brain > educational site in support of math, science and reading curriculum
  • Girls Go Tech > brought to you by the Girl Scouts
  • Neopets > highly commercial, raise a virtual pet
  • WebKinz > surpassing Neopets in popularity
Games to Bookmark for Teens/Adults:
  • Darfur is Dying > simulation game about genocide and the purpose of the game keep everyone in your refugee camp alive. This is an example of "games for change", games that have a serious instructional purpose. Note: this is part of mtvU.
  • Runescape > medieval MMORPG (tie it into learning about medieval period?)
  • Kingdom of Loathing > funny, illustrated w/ stick figure characters
  • iFiction > 250+ text games, interactive fiction (kind of like a choose your own adventure), tons of reading involved
  • Set Game > pattern recognition that enhances math literacy skills
  • Education Arcade
  • Games for change > Serious Games Initiative, games in education, training, health, politics, government, public policy

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