Library Jenn-point-Oh.

Hello readers! Another sunny day and I start blogging...again. This new venture, The Flying Keyboard, is a first--the first time I will be sharing blog duties with someone (say Hello, Ruth!) and also the first time I will be blogging for work. This month, Ruth and I will be headed off to Arlington, VA for some exciting Library 2.0 conference action at Computers in Libraries 2007. We hope to bring back loads of good stuff we can use to awesome-ize Skokie Public Library, though it's already pretty awesome if I don't say so myself. So check in with us as we navigate the wide variety of conference programs, WiFi our way through the conference center, and dodge the vendor swag that is omnipresent.

Anyone need a totebag?


Ruth said...

(Hey Jenn? Could you please check that CIL2007 link?)

JPB said...

Oops! My dumb bad. Fixed.